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Food delivery notes: 8 of the strange, funny and downright crazy

OpenTable has recently partnered with Deliveroo in response to the Coronavirus epidemic. Together we offer reliable and contact-less delivery from the best restaurants around Australia. While connecting you with restaurants for any cuisine or occasion was all part of the plan, one thing we hadn’t anticipated was the delivery order notes.

We’re now a lot more familiar with the delivery notes included with your orders, from the classic “buzz apt. number…” to the slightly stranger requests. We get a kick out of these quirky notes, so don’t be shy. Get creative and let your personalities shine. We all need a chuckle or two during the COVID-19 lockdown.

With that in mind, here are eight of our favourite delivery order notes from around the world, in case you need some inspiration.

1. The “Please don’t judge me”

Let’s be honest, we’ve all placed a delivery order and had a moment of realisation that we’ve just ordered enough food for a family of five. Maybe you were hungover, seriously famished or, like this particular individual, excited about an item being back on the menu.

A fish and chip shop in Canada received a rather indulgent order of mozzarella sticks alongside deep-fried pickles, Coke and coleslaw. To be honest, this sounds like a pretty fantastic night in. However, we can also understand the diner’s concern about being judged.

To explain their hefty order, they left the following note:

“Yes – I meant to order 3 mozzarella sticks. Please don’t judge me. I’m having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu. :)”

Nothing like three orders of mozzarella sticks to turn a crappy week around. We feel you mate.

Image: u/adri164 (

2. Showing some extra appreciation

A delivery order note is also a great way to show your appreciate to your favourite restaurant. Messages like, “Thanks, we love you guys!” or “Cheers for the quality food” are always appreciated by staff who work hard to ensure your food arrives fast, hot and delicious.

Sometimes this message of appreciation can be a little more detailed. A pair of pizza lovers were in desperate need for some slices and wanted to let their favourite pizza shop know exactly what this delivery meant to them.

“My co-worker and I are both working split doubles and this pizza will be the only thing getting us through it. Can you give us some extra motivation/inspiration? Also, you guys are awesome.”

To their credit, the pizza shop delivered the badly needed pizza and included an illustration of a cat hanging from a tree with the timelessly motivational phrase, “Hang in there!”

Hang in there, pizza delivered with illustration


3. Drawing requests

Speaking of pizza shops, it’s not uncommon for these businesses to receive drawing requests with their orders. The inside of the box lid has become the unofficial canvas for undiscovered Picassos around the nation.

From surprisingly accurate sketches of Doctor Who characters to commendable attempts at penguins and giraffes, pizza staff are never shy about giving these requests a crack. We’ve even seen epic scenes of a dragon fighting a flamingo, a lonely zombie and a dinosaur howling at the moon.

Doctor Who characters

Image: @colleensteinaway via Instagram

4. Specific knocking

Wherever you want to eat, OpenTable is there with fast and healthy food delivery. Sure, right now the “wherever” is limited to your home, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have some fun with your order. Asking for specific door knocks from delivery drivers is a great way to break up the monotony of hours inside or, for the drivers, hours on the road.

Some of the best have been shared on Reddit. User, u/Ali3nat0r, once asked for their delivery person to knock to the beat of MC Hammer’s classic, U Can’t Touch This. As we said earlier, now’s the perfect time to get creative with your requests. We’re quite partial to knocking in the tune of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.

5. Crust cooked like revenge

Sometimes it takes a little poetry to describe exactly how you’d like your order cooked. At OpenTable, whatever your reason for dining, we’ve got it all, including if you’ve just gone through a breakup. Why would we mention breakups? Something makes us think this diner had an ex on their mind when describing how they’d like their pizza crust.

“Crust a little crispier than normal. But not too crispy. If that’s not vague enough, make it like you’re taking revenge on a cheating boyfriend, BUT you still want to reconcile in the not-so-distant future.”

Crust a little crispier than normal. But not too crispy

Image: flickr/CC0

6. Wholesome messages

The COVID-19 epidemic has made life harder for almost all of us. We’re isolated and fearful for our loved ones. Many of us have lost our jobs, while others are working to the point of collapse. Now is the perfect time to leave wholesome messages for your delivery drivers, who have become the unsung heroes of the Coronavirus quarantine.

We’ve partnered with Deliveroo, a food delivery company committed to flattening the curve and helping us resume normal life faster. Their drivers work tirelessly to keep you connected with all your favourite restaurants and to keep these beloved Australian businesses running.

Sometimes all it takes is a little message of thanks or appreciation to make someone’s day. It might be as simple as this order note from Reddit user, u/Trimere:

“Leave on glass table on patio. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Leave on glass table on patio

Image: u/Trimere (

7. Get unbiased answers to the big questions

Tim Scott (@hellotimscott on Twitter) recently came up with a brilliant idea to make contact-less deliveries during the COVID-19 lockdown a little more interactive. Simply tape a question to your door and let the delivery person answer with their package placement.

This timely question, inspired by the trending Netflix show, Tiger King, doesn’t allow for any sitting on the fence. Of course, you could pose any number of household dividing questions to your Deliveroo driver this way, from who should hang out the washing that week, to which movie should be streamed that night.

You need not make another decision again! So long as you order in a lot. What question will you ask your Deliveroo driver?

8. Keep everyone happy in isolation

With all of us locked down with our family, friends or partners during the Coronavirus epidemic, it’s important to keep the peace as much as possible. Order notes are a great way to make sure everyone’s individual tastes are covered. Like this man making sure his wife stays happy, even though he’s a little confused about it all.

Order notes

Image: u/ThiRteeN_Ghost (

Keep things light and fun with your delivery order notes

Now it’s your turn. Place an order via the OpenTable app, take a photo of your delivery note and tag @opentableau on Instagram. We look forward to a few laughs and plenty of raised eyebrows.

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